Keep the Frosting on Your Cookies and off Your Windows

Friday, January 13th, 2017 by Emma Niemi

Keep the Frosting on Your Cookies and Off Your Windows - Image 1

It's that time of year again and those cold temps are now visible on several windows in your home. So instead of just closing the curtains and pretending everything is fine, use the following advice to prevent that frost from forming on your windows and causing damage to your windows.

Why it’s happening and why you should care.

First things first. Why is it happening? Well, very simply, there is moisture near the window. The window gets extremely cold and the moisture is drawn to the window and therefore, freezes on the window pane. The reason you should care is that the frost, once it melts, will create problems for your window. Water and wood do not do well together, so it’s in your best interest to keep as much water away from your interior windows.

In order to prevent frost from showing up on your windows, there are three specifics areas you need to look at in order to keep your windows dry and frost-free.

1. Reduce the moisture in your home.
2. Stop cool air from contacting your inside window pane.
3. Ventilate your home.

Reduce Moisture

The first way to prevent frost on your windows is to reduce moisture in the room or rooms where the problem is occurring. And while it seems odd to want to take moisture out of the air in winter, a time when we assume the air dries up, many homes produce too much moisture. So, while it seems counter-intuitive, getting rid of or managing the moisture in your home is actually beneficial. Several areas where homeowners can improve the amount of moisture that is released in their homes is to add water-efficient showerheads and home appliances. Another important area to analyze is your dryer ventilation. A properly ventilated dryer can go a long way in reducing the amount of moisture in your home. And finally, if all else fails, add a portable home dehumidifier to the room that is giving you the most problems.

Stop air leakage

The other guilty culprit to that frost on your windows are windows that do not keep out the cold. If the cold can easily get past those storm windows and bring down the temperature of your inside window pane the chances of frost increases. On the flip side, if your inside window is on the leaky side, frost can appear on your storm windows. Either way, taking the time to seal off any leaks is key to keeping frost away! Here are the two options that you have. First, get yourself some window weather stripping and line your window as instructed. Secondly, purchase some silicone caulk and seal the perimeter!

Keep the Frosting on Your Cookies and Off Your Windows - Image 2

Ventilate Properly

In connection with reducing the moisture in your home, having a home that is ventilated properly can go a long way in reducing window frost. One way to do this is to run the existing exhaust fans that you already have in your home. Running that bathroom or kitchen exhaust fan for an extra hour or two in your home can go a long way in circulating the moisture in your home and keeping it away from your windows. If you are interested in taking it to another level, find a local business that will give you an estimate on a home heat recovery ventilator. This system will keep the air in your home circulating and limit the chance it has to locate near your windows.

Other advice

Other ways to prevent frost from forming on your windows is to make sure to keep blinds and curtains away from home windows. It doesn’t mean that you have to keep your windows bare throughout the winter, but keeping those windows free from coverings helps to prevent the moisture from hiding near the window.

A final piece of advice - keep your gutters in good shape! When gutters work properly, even in cold weather, there is less likely to be water leakage and ventilation issues in your home's roof and walls, all of which impact your windows too.

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