BBQ Grill Accessories And What They Do

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

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It’s finally here. You’ve been waiting patiently for it all winter. Some people may call this time of year summer, but we know what you’re thinking; it’s not summer, it’s grill season. That’s right--the days are hot and the nights are long. Seek asylum from your stuffy kitchen and enjoy your dinner outdoors.

At LeafGuard, we sincerely hope you’ve already been enjoying your summer nights delving into a perfectly seared steak or an expertly charred chicken breast. We already know you’re the master of your grill, but we have a few accessories that could seriously up your grilling A-game. If you haven’t yet gotten around to firing up your grill, we think these accessories will inspire your next meal. Either way, grab a cold beverage, get outside, and enjoy those summer nights al fresco.

 Essential Grilling Basics

Maybe you already feel like the king of the grill; everything you cook turns out juicy and perfect. You have heat and internal temperature down to a science. Or maybe you’re a newbie just getting started; you literally just learned what tongs are--don’t worry, we’re not here to judge. Either way, here are some pretty common and essential accessories you need to make the most of your meals.

 Basting Brush

Okay, let’s start out on the right foot. You need a basting brush because it keeps your meats saucy. Nobody wants to eat a dry piece of meat. Nobody. In fact, calling meat “dry” is one of the most offensive insults a grill master can hear. Save yourself the tears and get a basting brush. You could go with a simple brush, or you can get a fancy bottle baster.

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If you’re newer to grilling, you’re probably going to overcook your meat. Hey, we get it! You don’t want to eat undercooked meat. If you’re not new, you need to earn your keep by not having a randomly over or undercooked meal. Take the guesswork out of it; meat thermometers are there for a reason. The instructions are simple: get meat thermometer, put meat on grill, stick thermometer in middle of meat, take meat off grill at perfect temperature, eat delicious meat. Bask in the silence of your family or friends enjoying every last, perfectly cooked morsel.

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Bear Paws

This accessory is exactly what you’re imagining. These handy tools turn your normal, subpar, flesh tearing human hands into any pork’s worst nightmare. Pulled pork is a summer essential. It’s necessary. Get yourself some Bear Paws and you will expertly shred your meat. Bonus: they also can help you transport a large cut of meat from the hot grill to a plate.

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Unique Grill Accessories

Essential grill accessories are definitely a must. But what if you want to get a little more specific with your arsenal of grill tools? There are tons of great accessories out there, but here are a few that we think are instant crowd pleasers.

Legs and wings rack

For you lovers of chicken legs and wings, this is for you. Grilling bird can be tedious; you basically have to babysit your meat. It’s a labor of love, isn’t it? Check out this wing and leg rack, and you can leave the babysitting to the girl next door. You can relax and allow this accessory to do what it does best: evenly cooking your chicken

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Corn on the cob grill basket

Who doesn’t absolutely love corn on the cob? This, for sure, is a summer meal planner’s go-to. It’s easy and delicious. This grill basket made specifically for corn on the cob makes this even easier. Once your corn is shucked, stick it in this grill basket, flip once, and you have some perfectly grilled corn on the cob.

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You might not need every grill accessory on the market, but a few upgrades will make your grilling experience much more satisfying.

Another thing that will make your grilling more satisfying? New gutters that don’t clog and pour onto your grill when it’s pulled under the awning between uses. If you have gutter issues, talk to our experts and get an estimate to upgrade your rain control system this summer.


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