Landscape Design Ideas for 2016

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

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Keep yourself busy during these upcoming cold months by planning your 2016 landscape design projects ahead of time. While gutters and roofing are must-haves for your home's design and security, landscaping affords you the chance to be a bit more creative with your style. Check out these landscape design ideas for add-ons to your property that fit any budget.

Large Budgets

If you have a fairly large budget to work with, you can incorporate many elements into your yard to increase your enjoyment and comfort. If you don’t have a gathering space in the back or side yard where friends and family can come together for parties, consider adding in a large patio, perhaps offset by an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit. This trio will allow you to enjoy your backyard through virtually all seasons.

Create a garden off to the side flanked by a trellis so you can grow your own vegetable or flower garden. Just keep in mind the amount of sunlight and shade you’ll need for your particular project. Martha Stewart recommends you’ll need at least six to eight hours of bright light per day for most vegetables. You can’t beat fresh handpicked tomatoes from the vine for tonight’s supper! The addition of a concrete patio will give you more options in terms of colors, shades, textures and designs. From circles and squares to geometric patterns or star bursts, concrete is quite versatile when it comes to patios.

Medium Budgets

For middle of the road budgets, consider a new yard path with pavers, lined with new baby trees of your choosing. Reduce the need for weeding and watering your lawn by using crushed stone or gravel. Choose native plants that don’t need as much fertilizer, water, pesticides and care than plants that come from other climates. Grow small herbs and veggies in a window box that overlooks your patio area.

Low Budgets

For those with little to spend, plant perennials instead of annuals for less investment on plants every year. Start a compost pile to maximize your renewable resources. You don’t need fancy flowering plants all around the home; offset them with low-growth plants that provide a nice complement but that don’t break the bank. Head to your local neighborhood associations, chambers of commerce and garden clubs for deals on trees, shrubs or plants that improve the green look of the community.

No Budget

Got no money to spend? That’s OK. You can still take pride by cultivating and nurturing what you have. Use the tools you already have to edge the lawn, add wood chips from civil services, and divide your existing plants and help new ones take root to expand your garden without the need to buy additional plants. Neighborhood websites like Craigslist and Nextdoor often have listings of helpful materials like bricks, stones, and wood chips that your neighbors simply want to get rid of and you could go over and pick them up for free.

A big part of your spring landscaping should focus on the efficiency and reliability of your roofing and gutter systems. LeafGuard of Northeast Wisconsin professionals can come out to your home to ensure both are working properly. Let us know if you have any questions about your home’s system.

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