What to know about Snow & Ice Weight on your Roof

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

While we’ve been fortunate enough to have a fairly mild winter thus far, it’s a certainty that our luck will run out sooner than later. That’s why it’s crucial to correctly maintain your roof so that it can hold up to the ramifications of snow and ice. It’s important to know that this responsibility belongs to the homeowner and not the insurance company, as neglect of your roof can result in a rejected insurance claim. Here are some of the most inquiries we receive about the topic.

How much mass can my roof hold? The majority of homes can hold 20 pounds per foot of snow without a problem. The exception to this rule is if a roof that has been impacted by disrepair.

How do I know what the snow on my roof weighs? If the snow has just fallen, the amount of snow that poses a danger is approximately four feet. If it’s compressed and been sitting for some time, most roofs can only sustain two feet before the situation becomes dangerous. Ice is even more hazardous than snow. Even an inch can wreak havoc, another reason why adequate insulation and ventilation is crucial to the vitality of your roof. Roofs that are flat or have a minimal slope are more prone to problems because the incidence of standing ice or snow is much more probable.

How can I remove snow from my roof without damaging the shingles which will void my warranty? The utilization of a snow rake with a lengthy extension arm will permit you to expel the snow in a safe manner. If the amount of snow is too substantial for you to do yourself, see out the services of a reputable snow removal contractor with the ability to hand shovel the snow off your roof. If excessive ice is the culprit, a roof will need to be steamed. This task is tedious and best left to the professionals. Be sure to keep a copy of your roof’s warranty on hand so that you can refer back to it for verification of what can void the warranty.

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