Mold: The Silent Killer

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 by Emma Niemi


Mold In Your Attic May Be An Indication That Your Home Has Energy Problems - Image 1

Having mold present anywhere in your home is extremely hazardous to the health of you and your loved ones. When mold is present and growing in your attic, it can cause bigger problems later on. Mold in the attic will only continue to grow if left untreated and could cause wood decay that compromises the structural integrity of your roof. If you are experiencing attic mold, this is an indication that your home may have energy problems.

The true problem begins with a lack of proper air sealing. Larry Janesky, owner and founder of Dr. Energy Saver breaks down how mold in the attic is formed.

“Heated air – the air that you pay to heat your home – rises and leaks into the unconditioned attic through all types of gaps, such as holes around pipes and wires, canned lights, unsealed attic hatches, and bathroom fans that vent into the attic instead of the outside. During the winter, an unconditioned attic is usually just as cold as the outside, and so are the roof and wooden structures.” said Janesky. “When heated, humid air infiltrates the freezing cold attic, it will cool down and per each degree, it is cooled, the relative humidity rises 2.2%, often bringing the RH levels in the attic up to 100%, at which point condensation occurs all over the cold surfaces. The wood will soak the moisture and create the perfect conditions for mold to develop.”

The good news is that you can stop attic mold. First and foremost, the air that’s leaking into the attic needs to be reduced. A Dr. Energy technician can seal and make sure that vent fans and dryer vents are ducted to the outside, as well as make sure that the attic roof is properly ventilated with the right combination of soffit, ridge and gable mounted vents. Another benefit to air-sealing your attic and having it properly insulated is that it will cut heating and cooling costs.

If you’re not sure if whether your attic has the possibility of growing mold, Dr. Energy Saver can run an energy evaluation to detect any gaps that may be leaking air.  If your attic does have a mold infestation, our process is to first kill any mold present and then go ahead and seal up those gaps that encouraged the mold to grow in the first place.

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