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LeafGuard by Keeney Home Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Appleton. Learn more about LeafGuard by Keeney Home Services's recent work requests in Appleton and nearby areas!

Learn more about LeafGuard by Keeney Home Services' recent work requests in Appleton, WI
Vicinity of W Capitol Dr in Appleton
I would like an estimate on gutter covers and possible gutter replacements
Vicinity of in Appleton
Additional information: What service are you interested in?: Roof Replacement
Vicinity of in Appleton
Do you have the ability to do 5"
Vicinity of E Apple Creek Rd in Appleton
Replace existing gutters and cheaper leaf guards that don't work, we have large silver maple, cottonwood and basswood trees near our home. There are about 100 ft of gutters on our home and possible another 100 ft on my shop if I decide to replace them or just eliminate them
Vicinity of W Roselawn Dr in Appleton
Looking to replace my roof, add ridge vent, remove old square vents
Vicinity of N. Bennett St. in Appleton
Would like an estimate to have roofing replaced on house
Vicinity of E Keystone Lane in Appleton
Estimate for new gutters with leaf guard.
Todd W. Appleton, WI
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Vicinity of Leroy Ct in Appleton
Small leak on garage roof, no visible exterior damage. Looking for expert help.
Vicinity of Lillian Ct in Appleton
Would like a quote on gutters/downspout with and without guards
Vicinity of Kesting Court in Appleton
Looking to get a new roof with leafless gutters and soffits. Do you do installation of tubular skylights would like to get two skylights put into our own also
Vicinity of N Viola Street in Appleton
Gutters not effective
Vicinity of Fiesta Court in Appleton
No concerns just want an estimate on replacing what we have
Vicinity of Commonwealth Ct. in Appleton
Just want gutter covers installed to stop leaves and other debris to stop clogging gutters in the back if house
Vicinity of South Kernan Ave in Appleton
Upper level gutters on both front and back of house are too high to safely clean. Wanting leaf guards installed.
Vicinity of S. Fountain Avenue in Appleton
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Vicinity of in Appleton
We have a 12x20deck that needs larger gutters and downspout, there is an area that we can not see that always plugs, we would like that re routed to the downspout that discharges in our creek
Vicinity of N Morrison in Appleton
Adding a gutter to prevent leaking into basement.
Vicinity of S Covenant Ln in Appleton
Looking to get a quote to replace our roof
Vicinity of W Summer St in Appleton
We need our gutters replaced.
Vicinity of W Broadway Dr in Appleton
New gutters and downspouts with the leafguard
Vicinity of W Breckinridge Ct in Appleton
I would like an estimate to have insulation blown in the ceiling of my garage
Vicinity of W. Seymour St. in Appleton
Not to have to climb a latter to clean gutters
Vicinity of W Sandra Dr in Appleton
Just looking for an estimate
Vicinity of S Barker Lane in Appleton
Looking to replace gutters with leaf guard gutters
Vicinity of East Glendale Ave in Appleton
Present gutters are routed all wrong and causing water problems on my ranch home. Need to start over and re-route things. One corner of the eave is rotted and needs replacing. Would like work done before the snow flies... ASAP? How far out are you booked?
Vicinity of E Maple Street in Appleton
Had a couple water issues in the last heavy rain. Had someone check it out, I am do for a roof replacement in the next year or so. So now I am looking for competitive quotes.
Vicinity of E Glendale Ave in Appleton
Requesting estimate for leaf guard gutter replacement for home only
Vicinity of in Appleton
Looking for detailed estimate on roof replacement.
Vicinity of in Appleton
Gutter in back of house north side needs leaf guard and also gutter is pulled away from house
Vicinity of in Appleton
Want to put tops on. Do not want to be climbing a ladder.
Vicinity of W. Glendale Avenue in Appleton
I would like a free estimate for the Leaf guard gutter system
Vicinity of E Sylvan Ave in Appleton
Need new roof on house and garage 40 some years old
Vicinity of S Mohawk Drive in Appleton
Hello, Our roof is rotting. Our chimney flashing wasn't installed properly and our chimney did not have a saddle to redirect the water. We would like an estimate please. Thank you
Vicinity of in Appleton
Just looking at Gutters
Vicinity of W Calumet St in Appleton
I won't be available to be at home during the estimate. Would it be possible to get a quote without being present? I want gutters on my house and garage (with the prices separated if possible) with the covers. Any questions I can be contacted by my cell phone.
Vicinity of W Third St in Appleton
Leaking roof
Vicinity of in Appleton
Gutters are rusting on inside, at house and attached garage. Considering replacement with new gutters and something to keep leaves out - for layout on house and garage as it is now. Two downspout locations in the front are fixed where they hit underground piping. Option 1: Owner can remove existing ones. Option 2: possible add at separate garage which has none now.
Vicinity of S Kernan Avenue in Appleton
I own a 1400' ranch-style home. The front faces west and rear east. There are 'covered' gutters on the back of the house but not the front. I can see debris poking out from the top of the front gutters and also some in the back. The front gutters also have a couple of leaky seams that drip water when the sun warms it enough to build ice on the front porch in the winter. Especially in the corner where you step into the front door. I am a widow and cannot climb a ladder tall enough to do this myself.
Vicinity of E Glendale Avenue in Appleton
Would like an estimate to install gutter toppers.
Vicinity of W Calumet St in Appleton
New gutters on the house and maybe on the garage depending on price. Current gutters aren't pitched correctly and freeze solid during winter.
Vicinity of Stroebe Rd in Appleton
Leaf build up in cutters and constantly needing cleaning.
Vicinity of N Douglas St in Appleton
We have leaf guards atop our gutters, but the gutters have become clogged. Further, the gutters + guards hang with a backward slant toward the roof causing water to collect against the shingle/roof. Lastly there is a section of gutter that had the leaf guard cut off with a tin snips and needs repair/replacement.
Vicinity of E North St in Appleton
Second story gutters are not reachable for cleaning by us. We don't have a ladder tall enough and they require regular maintenance since we live in an area with mature trees. We'd like a quote for leaf guard gutters on the second story of our home and to better understand the advantages of these types of gutters. We have a val-pal coupon for 50% off installation labor, which is valid through 10/31/17
Vicinity of East Woodcrest Drive in Appleton
Quote for Leaf Guard gutters Please do not ring the doorbell
Vicinity of W.Grand Meadows Dr, in Appleton
Vicinity of N Division St in Appleton
Just moved into an older home and the gutter/downspout is pointed out to the driveway, so no drainage away from the house. The water goes into the basement. I need that gutter re-routed.
Vicinity of W Spencer St in Appleton
Gutters always clogged
Vicinity of E Calumet Street in Appleton
New eaves troths.
Vicinity of E Canvasback Ln in Appleton
Looking for roof inspection and installation of shins raped by a wind over past season.
Vicinity of S Weimar St in Appleton
I just had my roof and Gutters replaced. I am looking for a quote on Gutter Guards for the house, Garage, and Shed. It is a total of 170 ft for the 3 structures.
Vicinity of in Appleton
Leaking in
Vicinity of Diane Ln in Appleton
Replace old gutters. 2 story house.
Vicinity of E Timberline Dr in Appleton
Want larger downspouts and estimate on cover for gutters
Vicinity of Geenen Lane in Appleton
Gutters are older with some guards on them that just won't keep them clear
Vicinity of E. South River St. in Appleton
Baby trees growing in gutters, I can't get up to clean them anymore.
Vicinity of E. Cranberry Dr. in Appleton
We are looking for gutter guards for our home.
Vicinity of E Pershing St in Appleton
Pine tree needels and leaves plugging gutters
Vicinity of in Appleton
Gutters overflow when it is raining and pours over them like a waterfall
Vicinity of E. Timberline Drive in Appleton
Interested in leaf guard system and ensuring down spouts are clear. Would like a quote.
Vicinity of N Hall in Appleton
We have old, damaged gutters and would like an estimate for replacing them.
Vicinity of S Driftwood Ln in Appleton
I'm looking to replace my current gutters with the Leaf Guard system. The existing gutters are starting to leak and clog easily due to the proximity of the mature maple trees around the house.
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