Portable Fire Pits for Your Yard

Jul 14, 2021

Portable Fire Pits for Your Yard

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

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What are the advantages of the portable fire pit?

Convenience – The biggest and most obvious advantage to owning a portable fire pit is its, um, portability. It moves. For those who aren’t quite sure where they would build a permanent stone or brick fire pit, the smartest move for you is to go with a fire pit that can be easily moved around. While most pits aren’t lightweight by any stretch of the imagination, as long as you have someone to help, they can be moved. Leading to another positive for the portable pit, versatility.

Versatility – Depending on the space available to you, being able to move the fire to where you want is a bonus. Can’t view the fireworks show from the backyard? Move the viewing party to the front. The wind too strong from the Northeast? Use the garage as a shield. Neighbors are having a party, but no fire? Be the hero. Many reasons why the versatility of a portable pit outweigh the permanent.

Cost – Unless you happen to know a bricklayer or have some masonry skill yourself, building a permanent fire pit could get pricy. Buying the materials, preparing your yard and installing the pit could get expensive if you do not plan on doing it yourself. Portable fire pits do vary in price, but there are many options that start at under $100.

Where do I find one?

Once you’ve decided to go the portable route, start shopping! The big box stores like Target, Walmart, and Fleet Farm will have several models on hand for you to choose from. Peruse the aisles, find one that speaks to you, make sure it’ll fit in your yard, and then make it yours. They also offer many other options online, allowing for free in-store pickup. Local hardware stores should also carry a few options. Local landscaping businesses might be another place to look.

What are my options?

Firebowls – The most basic form of having a fire where you want it. Some have wheels and all come with the enjoyment of a summer evening. The firebowl is exactly what you imagine; it’s metal, it moves, and it carries fire. Additionally, you have metal options anywhere from copper to steel. Choose one with the help of your hardware specialist.

Fire tables – Portable fire tables are, without a doubt, aesthetically a step up from fire pits. These will give your backyard a posh feel that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. Heads up: fire tables are typically not portable because they hook up to a propane line; however, there are portable options. You will pay for the more elegant look. If your budget allows for a portable fire table, go with this fancier option.

Chimineas – The most aesthetically pleasing option for your backyard setting. The Chiminea is a stove-type fire pit that is best in a small space–in short, it’s cute. Not that the chiminea isn’t a crowd pleaser–it is–but if you like having large gatherings, this won’t meet the heat demands of a large group. Having a chiminea in your backyard, will be perfect for your small, summertime get-togethers.

Take the time to figure out which portable fire pit best serves your design and function needs. Before you know it, you could be in your own backyard, relaxing by the fire, taking in your manicured lawn, and feeling content with your maintenance-free GutterShutter Gutters.

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