Why do Houses Have Gutters?

Jun 09, 2021

Why do Houses Have Gutters?

Houses have gutters to keep them protected from potentially costly (and dangerous) problems down the road. Gutters have an important job. When clean and functioning properly, the purpose of gutters is to redirect rain and storm water off the roof and away from your home’s foundation. If you’re wondering if gutters are actually necessary, there are no laws that require new construction to include gutters. However, adding a good gutter system will be the wisest decision you can make for your home. 

Benefits of Having Gutters on Your House

By moving rain and storm water away from your home, you:

  • Prevent flooding: directing water away from your homes foundation and toward a drain eliminates the chance of flooding.
  • Prevent soil erosion: without gutters on your home, the rain would fall directly next to your house. Over time, this erodes the soil, leaving your home susceptible to foundation issues.
  • Protect siding: when water drips slowly off the roof, it can stain or even rot your siding, decreasing it’s life span.

All of this to say, it’s important to remember that if you don’t keep your gutter clean, they cannot function as they should and all of these benefits go away, and can even get worse. A clog-free, seamless gutter system can take the maintenance out of having to clean your gutters multiple times a year. 

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