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LeafGuard by Keeney Home Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Neenah. Learn more about LeafGuard by Keeney Home Services's recent work requests in Neenah and nearby areas!

Learn more about LeafGuard by Keeney Home Services' recent work requests in Neenah, WI
Vicinity of County Road JJ in Neenah
Replacement of gutters
Vicinity of Poplar Ct in Neenah
Looking at putting eavestroughs on part of the house because some of wood is rotting out due to no eavestroughs
Vicinity of Gay Dr. in Neenah
I want new gutters and down spouts installed. I would also like gutter toppers to be installed too.
Vicinity of Hunt Ave in Neenah
New gutters
Vicinity of Hunt Ave in Neenah
Missing gutter and downspout on West side of the garage. Looking for white aluminum gutters to match the rest of the house.
Vicinity of Brantwood Dr. in Neenah
Need new gutters
Vicinity of Knight Ave in Neenah
Roof on our house is original from 1993 and there are some issues. Thinking it needs to be replaced. Looking for a quote. =) Thanks, Amy
Vicinity of Plummer Court in Neenah
Need for new gutters/drain pipes and leaf guard
Vicinity of Patrick Court in Neenah
Would like a quote for the leaf guard on our gutters.
Vicinity of Geiger St in Neenah
We are looking for new gutters on our ranch home.
Vicinity of Oak St in Neenah
We recently moved and have many trees in our yard and are interested in getting a free estimate. Also, how long are the estimates good for? Thank you.
Vicinity of High Street in Neenah
We've lost several shingles in a storm.I would like a quote for a roof repair.
Vicinity of Weatherwood Drive in Neenah
We are replacing our roof this year and would like to move forward as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Weatherwood Drive in Neenah
We are replacing our roof this year and would like to move forward as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Melrose Street in Neenah
We have gutters on our home, but the previous owner never put the guard cover on top so our gutters are frequently clogged with nearby tree debris so we are looking for an estimate to have this done. Thanks!
Vicinity of Stevens St in Neenah
We are looking to replace our home roof and gutters.
Vicinity of Woodgate Ln. in Neenah
I need our gutters replaced. They are old and leaking in several areas around the house.
Vicinity of Klompen Court in Neenah
Im looking at getting a quote for a roof replacement and gutters
Vicinity of Nicolet Blvd in Neenah
Hi, I am looking to get an estimate for gutter and downspout replacement. I have leaking gutters that are causing some concerns. Josh
Vicinity of Fury Lanne in Neenah
Leaves in 2nd story gutters! Very bad!
Vicinity of W. Prairie Creek Drive in Neenah
Interested in quote and type of guarding you use.
Vicinity of Kampala Ct in Neenah
Need roof replaced.
Vicinity of Weatherwood Drive in Neenah
Install gutter gaurds- 2 stories
Vicinity of Sunrise Bay Road in Neenah
Leafguard for gutters. 50% coupon
Vicinity of E Shady Lane in Neenah
I have normal gutters that often fill with leaves and twigs from surrounding trees. I just want to understand how practical installing leaf guard would be in regard to cost and functionality.
Vicinity of Stanford Dr in Neenah
Plugged gutters
Vicinity of in Neenah
Front gutter overflows gutter at back of house it detached from house and needs to have a downspout rerouted
Vicinity of Harrison Street in Neenah
New garage. And house needs new gutters.
Vicinity of Nicolet Blvd in Neenah
Looking for a quote for Leaf guard on our home and garage. Thank you!
Vicinity of Chestnut St in Neenah
Gutters for 2nd story of house potentially clogged, needs cleaning and debris prevention system in place. Gutters for front porch are pitched incorrectly and water pools in a corner instead of running to downspout.
Vicinity of Grove St in Neenah
Gutters on house need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Whitenack Ct. in Neenah
I have a downspout in the back of my house that does not stay attached, and causes rainwater to pool near the house. I also would like an estimate on gutter cleaning.
Vicinity of W Peckham St in Neenah
Need new roof have a lot of moisture in attic shething May need replacing,new vents birds make nest out of current ones,want fascia on bare wood,but my budget is $3500
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