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Insulation Contractor Oshkosh WI If you’re looking for the best insulation contractor available for a project at your home in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, or a surrounding area, look no further than the experts at Keeney Home Services. We proudly offer insulation from the industry leaders at Dr. Energy Saver because their products are made with a wide array of materials and techniques to stop this energy-wasting air leakage. We have proudly served the area since 2009 and our knowledgeable team members will utilize high-quality products to deliver the results you desire for your home.

The Dr. Energy Saver insulation that we offer is blown into your attic and designed to seal and cover up any holes where energy is leaking out. This is a fast and easy way to improve the energy performance of your home. Blown-in insulation is the most cost-effective way to prevent too little insulation and too much air leakage. Small, discrete holes can also be cut into walls to fill the cavities within. Once the insulation has been installed, any holes can be sealed and covered up.

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As the insulation contractor for your home in Oshkosh, WI, or a surrounding area, we proudly offer a home energy audit to properly evaluate what areas in your home are the source of your comfort or energy problems.

“Our gutters look absolutely amazing. I wish we would have taken a before and after picture. We were very impressed with the installers. They were very professional and friendly. We will highly recommend Keeney home services. Thank you for a job well done.”

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