Expert Gutter Guard Installation Services in Northeast Wisconsin

Gutter guards are protective covered gutter systems designed to keep out damaging debris. Gutter guards offer ideal weather protection for your home, benefits include reduced maintenance, prevention of clogs, and extended gutter lifespan.

Advantages of Gutter Guard Installation

For homeowners, obstructed open gutter systems can be extremely problematic. Rainwater can overflow and lead to a flooded basement or leaks in your attic. Siding and fascia damage is also a common occurrence. You might even experience damage to your deck and patio. This can lead to costly repairs.

Keeney Home Services expertly installs the world’s strongest solution, Gutter Shutter. Gutter Shutter is a protective gutter system that allows water to enter while blocking leaves, twigs, and other debris. Installing gutter guards is a “set-it and forget-it” solution that will safeguard your house from moisture damage.

We offer free estimates on all our services in Neenah, Appleton, Green Bay and the nearby areas throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

Types of Gutter Guard Systems

The purpose of gutter “guards” (or covers, screens, and leaf filters) are to prevent twigs, leaves, helicopters, pine needles, and other debris from collecting in your gutters and obstructing water flow. There are several options available:

  • Mesh gutter guards
  • Micro-mesh gutter guards
  • Surface-tension gutter guards
  • Foam gutter guards
  • Leaf filter gutter guards

Here’s an informative video explanation from our sister company Larson Home Services out of Madison Wisconsin.

Frequently Asked Questions


What materials will Gutter Guard filter out?

Generally, gutter guards will keep all but the smallest debris out of your gutter, though some screen or mesh-type gutter covers won’t prevent small particles like plant seeds and granules from your roof shingles from accumulating in your gutters. The type of trees around your house should be considered when choosing gutter guards.

Can gutter guard installation damage roof shingles? 

Many gutter covers require lower courses of roof shingles to be pried up in order to install the gutter screen or cover. Our professional installers will ensure that this is done properly to avoid damage to the shingles.

Will debris collect on top of the gutter cover and block water drainage? 

This can be a problem with many screen-type gutter covers, which is why we’ll work with you to determine the best type of gutter guard for your home’s location to give you ideal performance and limit maintenance and cleaning.

How easily will the gutter cover come loose or be damaged? 

Like any other exterior part of your house, there is always the chance your gutters can be damaged by Mother Nature. However, we use high quality products that will be durable and long-lasting under normal weather patterns.

Will the leaf filter look good on my gutters? 

Gutter guards come in a wide variety of colors, meaning that we can match the guard to your existing gutter to give your home a seamless appearance.

Keeney’s Gutter Shutter Installation Process

The gutter installation experts process by Keeney Home Services is precise. It’s paramount that you have the best contractor experience. Our schedulers will take your call any time of day and schedule your no-obligation free estimate at your earliest convenience. Then a Keeney technician will scope out your project and walk you through your options. Our production team will expertly install the entire system (many times in less than a day!).

If you’re interested in gutter guard installation for your home, contact us today.

“We had a great experience all the way from the initial visit and straightforward quote, to the scheduling and installation. The crew that attached the gutters was very customer focus, they asked questions and offered advice, they finished on time and they cleaned up after themselves. The gutters are working out well.”

Daniel W
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“Our gutters look absolutely amazing. I wish we would have taken a before and after picture. We were very impressed with the installers. They were very professional and friendly. We will highly recommend Keeney home services. Thank you for a job well done.”

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