5 Front Yard Landscaping Tips for Fall

May 04, 2021

5 Front Yard Landscaping Tips for Fall

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

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At Keeney Home Services we are confident that we know how to keep leaves, debris, and water from causing potential problems to your home. Our roof and gutter systems are the industries best and allow you, the homeowner, to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of owning a home. But we want our customers to know that we can help in those areas, too. So, as we say goodbye to summer and welcome in those cool summer months, here are five landscaping tips for how to improve the look of your front yard.

1. Split oversized shrubs and divide perennials.

Fall is a great time to rearrange any shrubs or perennials in your yard. And why would one want to do that, you ask? Well, one big reason is that after a long summer of growth, many shrubs and perennials overgrow the space where they were originally planted. Perennials like Hydrangeas and Hostas often get too large and can easily be split and replanted. For northern climates like we have here in Northeastern Wisconsin, spring or fall are the ideal seasons for dividing perennials. September offers a good time to split and replant, but do not wait too long. You need a few weeks before the winter weather hits so that the roots have a chance to take hold. Here is a simple step by step guide for getting the job done.

2. Aerate your lawn.

Fall is a good time to give your lawn a little TLC before the coming snow and cold. Aerating your yard may seem like too big a job for a Saturday afternoon, but if your yard gets heavy use (pets, children, etc) aerating will improve both the look and feel.

  • Make sure the soil of your yard is wet.
  • Make multiple passes over heavy traffic areas.
  • Once they are dry the excavated soil plugs should be broken up (with your lawnmower or metal rake) and distributed evenly over your yard.
  • Fertilize after you aerate your lawn.

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3. Plant spring bulb.

You may be sick of yard work and might be ready to spend your weekends sitting on the couch watching football, but having a bit of foresight will pay off in the long run. This is especially true if you’ve been meaning to improve that front yard flower garden. With the right planning, your flower garden can be full of blooming flowers all growing season long. Tulips in spring, daisies during the summer, and Black-eyed Susans for fall. So get out there and get some bulbs in the ground! Come next spring, you won’t regret it.

4. Seed and fertilize.

Another tip that requires some foresight is the importance of fall seeding and fertilizing. Whether you have pets or children, your lawn takes a beating in the summer. The hot and dry month of August stretches your lawn to the limits. The best remedy for a fatigued lawn is to reseed and fertilize before the weather turns. Think of it like bears storing up on extra fat before they go into hibernation. The nutrients that you give your lawn this fall will help it have a healthy start to next spring. Ask your locate hardware store expert for the type of fertilizer.

5. Mow your Lawn Shorter

Our final tip for this fall’s landscaping duties has to do with mowing your yard. You should only need to mow a handful of times before you can put that lawnmower away for the winter. As you mow these last few times, make sure to shorten the length of your grass. Ideally, you should do this gradually, but the goal should be to have your grass length at about 2 to 2.5 inches before the growing season stops. Why, you ask? Shorter grass will lower the chances of snow mold (brown spots) you should have in spring.

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