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All questions will be considered (even ones about sports, weather, food, or pop culture.), we’d love to feature yours on our next show!


Episode 14 | Roof REPAIR vs RESTORATION Responses

In Episode 14, Josh and Andrew jump right into the responses and reactions from Episode 13. At 1:43 they address the dangers of not replacing skylights during a re-roof situation. How to remove an unused chimney or adding a Cricket while going through a roof restoration or replacement 8:19. Ending with a discussion about how to do your due diligence when dealing with roof issues 12:31.


Episode 13 | Roof REPAIR vs Roof RESTORATION

In Episode 13, Josh and Andrew discuss racing homing pigeons at 0:50. At 3:08 they jump into today’s topic, the difference between roof repair and roof restoration. Then moving to the importance of ventilation and how each factor goes into protecting your home 11:28. Ending with, when to repair a roof or when to replace a roof 14:14.


Episode 12 | Busting Common MYTHS About Roofing

In Episode 12, Andrew is joined by a special guest co-host John Schmit. At 1:13 we chat NHL and NBA playoffs, then starting at 2:22 the guys play mythbusters, the Home Services Edition. This episode is packed with helpful advice concerning your home.


Episode 11 | ICICLES On Gutter Systems

In Episode 11, Josh and Andrew jump into a wild Wisconsin pastime, sturgeon spearing and slow dancing with your fish. At 6:35 they discuss a question we’ve been getting a lot, why you might have icicles hanging on covered gutter systems. Before diving into the dangers of ice dams at 12:18, and discussing what causes them and how to prevent them. Ending with a big announcement, expanding Gutter Shutter to Grand Rapids MI at 17:20.


Episode 10 | Insulating Crawl Spaces

In Episode 10, Josh and Andrew first recap and address the holiday hiatus. At 3:00 the guys catch-up on the Wisconsin sports scene and chat about the upcoming Super Bowl. Then, at 9:02 deep dive into a great listener question from Jason Roloff out of Fairmont MN who asks, “I listen on Spotify. Love the show. Wonder how you guys would insulate crawl spaces under a room with dirt floors.” You won’t want to miss the insight the guys have on crawl space science.


Episode 9 | Merry CHRISTMAS!

In Episode 9, Josh and Andrew celebrate the holidays with a special Christmas podcast! At 3:47 the guys reflect on 2022, taking pride in being able to raise funds for our favorite charities; Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), Families of Children with Cancer, and the Bob Militello Giveback Project. Then at 8:55 they discuss customer appreciation and why we do, what we do.


Episode 8 | The IMPORTANCE of Air Sealing

In Episode 8, Josh and Andrew explain why insulating without air sealing should be criminal. First, at 0:30 they address the big announcement with the Badger football team, and at 4:46 they give thanks to Wisconsin Sports teams. Check in at 6:32 to find out how Dr Energy Saver is more than simply adding insulation to your home. At 14:24 the discussion focuses in on the importance of proper air sealing. And, as always, the guys wrap it up with a couple listener questions 20:22.


Episode 7 | Values of a GOOD Roofing Company

In Episode 7, Josh and Andrew welcome a special guest, Adam with Adam Vaillancourt Roofing and Construction out of New Hampshire, for a wide-ranging discussion about accountability and what happens when you do things the right way. At 1:40 they start with the importance of culture in sports and their own companies. Check in at 6:20 to get some insight on what makes a great roofer and 10:10 to find out how that integrity raises the bar for everyone. The team wraps it up at 21:07 with a couple listener questions.


Episode 6 | Watch This BEFORE Buying Insulation

In Episode 6, Josh and Andrew chat Will Ferrell movies (POW!), and at 4:29 discuss home performances in Wisconsin and why homeowners should demand more than simply adding additional insulation. Tune in at 10:17 if you want to find out what’s been hiding in your attic. This episode is loaded with helpful home energy tips!


Episode 5 | Exploring London and The World’s STRONGEST Gutter System

In Episode 5, Josh and Andrew are asking for homework, mixing up names, and recalling stories from their trip to London (tune in at 3:08 to learn how transportation works in the big clean city, and 7:47 for a Packers recap). Then, the guys field a listener question about the differences between gutter protection systems.


Episode 4 | Storm Damage & HOW Roofing Insurance Works

In Episode 4, Josh and Andrew chat bow hunting and how the deer are starting to get a bit frisky out there (tune in at 4:05 to hear some deer noises…) Then, the guys discuss step-by-step what homeowners should do if your home was damaged from hail or a storm event, how insurance works, and the experience you should expect from your contractor (Hint: It should be an honor for the contractor to work on your home. Interview them).


Episode 3 | How to SCALE Your Contracting Business

In Episode 3, Josh and Andrew chat Packers, discuss the news surrounding the Badgers, and a fishing scandal! Then, they field a listener question about starting a company, and share the secret to success.


Episode 2 | How To Have A Successful Contractor Experience

Episode 2 is about dealing with contractors and creating a roadmap to success! First, the guys chat about running a trail half marathon, and then get into a lively discussion about home improvement projects and stories about how they choose contractors.

Episode 1 | Introduction to the Podcast

Welcome to the Home Services Home Show. Where you’ll learn everything you need to know, and a whole lot you don’t 😉

Episode 1 is our introductory podcast. First, the guys discuss their background and experience in the home services industry, and then finish up with some Packer’s talk and the legend of Uncle Bob.


“I was very impressed with Keeney GutterShutter. Professional installers. Excellent product with a lifetime warranty. The salesperson, Andy Neely, was great to work with. He did an excellent job explaining everything and showed us the features of their system. All around great experience. I would highly recommend this company.”

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“I was very impressed with Keeney GutterShutter. Professional installers. Excellent product with a lifetime warranty. The salesperson, Andy Neely, was great to work with. He did an excellent job explaining everything and showed us the features of their system. All around great experience. I would highly recommend this company.”

Travis K
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