Aluminum vs. Vinyl Gutters: Which Are Better?

Nov 07, 2022

Aluminum vs. Vinyl Gutters: Which Are Better?

Every component of your home’s exterior plays a critical role in its function, helping to keep it protected from the elements and functioning effectively. This especially applies to your home’s gutter system, which has the important job of channeling rainwater away from your home’s foundation, preventing water damage and landscape erosion, among other issues. Due to their important function, it’s

Water pooling up around foundation

critical that the gutters on your home are up to the task. If you’re seeing things like gutters sagging or pulling away from your home, or water pooling around its foundation, then investing in a gutter replacement is your best course of action.

When you have new gutters installed, though, you’ll have a few decisions to make. For example, what type of gutters will you choose for your home? Two of the most common materials for rain gutters are vinyl and aluminum, but which is the best option for your needs?


Comparing Aluminum and Vinyl Gutters

Aluminum and vinyl might be the two most popular materials for gutters, but that doesn’t mean they offer equal benefits. Let’s take a look at how these two types of gutters compare in the most important categories:

  • Beauty – When it comes to appearance, aluminum and vinyl gutters are pretty similar. They can both be painted to blend in with your home’s exterior aesthetic.
  • Strength – In terms of strength, aluminum gutters outperform vinyl gutters. They boast unparalleled strength that can help your gutter system last longer on your home.
  • Performance – Both aluminum and vinyl gutters have the potential to perform well, but over time, you’ll get the most out of aluminum gutters. They’ll better stand up to the elements and last for years to come on your home.

Of course, choosing aluminum gutters over vinyl gutters won’t guarantee that you receive an exceptional gutter system. It all comes down to the company you choose to complete the replacement and the caliber of the particular gutter system it installs.

Get New Gutters for Your Home

If you’re looking to have new gutters installed on your home and have decided that aluminum gutters are the way to go, then the ideal partner for your home upgrade is Keeney Home Services. We have been serving local homeowners with the industry’s best products and dedicated customer service since our founding in 2009, and we’re proud to be local homeowners’ go-to home improvement contractor for a variety of home upgrades.

We install the exceptional seamless gutter systems from Gutter Shutter, a manufacturer known for the quality of its products. These gutters are crafted from exceptionally strong aluminum, so they can stand the test of time on your home without becoming worn or damaged. And, unlike traditional gutters that are pieced together, our gutters are cut onsite to meet the required length for each individual home, eliminating the need to have weak, unsightly seams throughout the system completely.

To begin the process of having industry-leading new gutters installed on your home, contact Keeney Home Services today to schedule your initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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