Fun Backyard Design Ideas

Mar 06, 2024

Fun Backyard Design Ideas

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

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If you aren’t satisfied with the appeal of your backyard, it’s time to make it more fun, interesting, and functional. From water features to stone walkways to gardens and more, here we list some ideas to make any space pop.

Garden Pathways

If you have a garden area, but it’s not really well defined and seems lost as a decorative element, create a pathway of staggered pavers to encourage visitors to walk through the garden. The garden can be comprised of native plants that don’t need a lot of TLC so your days are a little more free. Place some small trees on the side and you have a quaint little garden with a big impact.

Decorative Concrete

For a unique look you can’t buy at the store, try stamped concrete in your own individual pattern for texture and color. Great for an outdoor dining area, stamped concrete adds an extra depth and dimension to any design thanks to its durability and versatility. In addition, it provides a slip-proof surface great for pool areas, says home improvement expert Bob Vila. You’ll probably need to hire a contractor for this task, so be sure they have experience they can show you before hiring them.

When designing, think outside the box with geometric patterns instead of the traditional square or circular pattern. Consider the layout of your landscaping features so they catch the eye and complement the rest of the yard. Layers in a backyard not only spark visual interest but depth as well to really open up the space.

A Gathering Place

What patio area would be complete without a fire pit in the center highlighted by cozy seating? Bust out the s’mores and have a blast. On a side note, you don’t have to invest in fancy plush seating for your patio, build your retaining walls with enough room to sit on the ledge to frame your patio well.

A Grand Entryway

Remember to consider the design of the gateway from your home to the back yard. If you have the space, installing French doors is a luxurious touch to get from the home to the outside. You can shade your patio door with a vertical garden featuring a trellis and pergola would be the perfect accent to your outdoor space.

Wrap it Up

The right roofing and gutters can complement your backyard design ideas and really pull together the look of your home. Turn to our professionals to install the latest in seamless gutters and GAF roofing this season by calling our expert team.

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