How Long Should I Expect My Shingle Roof to Last?

Apr 06, 2022

How Long Should I Expect My Shingle Roof to Last?

How Long Should I Expect My Shingle Roof to Last?Sometimes the need for new roofing is more obvious than it typically is. However, the decision as to whether or not it’s time for a roof is always important. A roof installation or replacement is a big investment and will have a significant impact on the appearance, value, and function of your home. Wisconsin homeowners that have a roof that is more than 20 years old should consider having their roof inspected to assess any damage and determine if the roof can be repaired or if it’s time for a new roof.

It’s important to select the right time to replace your roof because waiting too long to replace your roof or installing a new roof before it’s necessary could end up costing you in the long run. A proper roof inspection can help you determine whether or not a new roof is necessary or if repairs and maintenance are enough. One of the main reasons for a new roof would be an obvious sign such as water entering your home but if you’re unsure if it’s time for a new roof, there are other signs to look for that would let you know it’s the right time to consider a roof replacement.

Increasing Home Value

If you’re planning on moving or want to increase the value of your home, it can make sense to replace your roof even if you haven’t suffered any damage to it as of yet. Roofs that are over 20 years old can bring down the value of your home and replacing it with a new one will instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal and worth of your property.

Aesthetic Replacements

If your roof is worn or has experienced minor damage from storms, ice, mold, or moss growth, it’s likely that it has become an eyesore. That is why it’s a good idea to replace the roof before the problems get any worse. This is an opportunity to increase the aesthetic appeal and prevent future problems from occurring.

Keeney Home Services Offers Impressive Roof Replacements

Keeney Home Services is a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor that is available to homeowners in northern Wisconsin. We understand that your roof is one of the best lines of defense between your home and the wind, rain, and snow outside so it’s important to ensure that your roofing system is up to the task. We will assist you with upgrading to a weather-resistant asphalt roof that can increase your home’s curb appeal, property value, and functionality. Don’t put up with a leaky, aging roof when you can have a gorgeous replacement roof installed by the experts at Keeney Home Services.

Let’s Get Started!

When you need a roof replacement at your home in Wisconsin, contact the experts at Keeney Home Services. We offer free, no-obligation cost estimates to all local homeowners. Contact us today!

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