When is the Best Time of Year to Have Your Roof Replaced?

Dec 03, 2021

When is the Best Time of Year to Have Your Roof Replaced?

When is the Best Time of Year to Have Your Roof Replaced?For the majority of homeowners, a new roof is required whenever you’ve been able to plan for it or you experience storm damage that forces you to have a roof replacement ahead of schedule. However, if you’re able to take the time to save up for a roof replacement without having to make a rash decision, you may be wondering when the best time of the year actually is to have it performed. Many roofing contractors will state that their busy season usually falls between late summer and fall but there is no reason to assume that the other parts of the year are better or worse for getting your roof replaced.

Late spring to early summer is often seen as one of the best times of year to replace a roof because in most cases the rain has stopped or slowed down and the extreme heat and humidity of summer hasn’t actually set in yet. The only problem with trying to have a roof replacement installed during this time of the year is that there is usually a lot of homeowners trying to have their roofs replaced as well. That can mean time slots will become very limited. However, a reliable roofing contractor will work with you to schedule the best time to come and complete your roof replacement.

If you’re unable to have your roof replacement completed in the late spring to early summer months, the second-best time of year for your roof replacement would be early autumn. This is because fall produces a perfect combination of cool and stable weather that makes it easy to install your roof. Due to the overall cooler temperatures, roofing contractors can work longer days without getting overheated, helping your project get finished faster than in the extreme heat of summer. However, once again the only setback with these early autumn roofing installations is that there will be a lot of homeowners vying for the same appointment slots. So, it is recommended to ensure that you are planning your roof replacement well in advance to ensure that it is completed before winter.

Summer & Winter Roof Replacements

While the best times for a roof replacement were discussed above, it is also possible to have your roof replacement in the extreme heat of summer and the cold winter months if need be. While these times of the year are not recommended for a roof replacement, sometimes there is truly no other option. When it comes to summer, if you’re unable to have your roof installed during the prime late spring and early summer months, most roofing contractors will still replace your roof during the extreme heat of summer. However, these installations will take slightly longer and require more careful planning to ensure that the working conditions are safe for the installers and the materials themselves.

On the other hand, wintertime has its own drawbacks when it comes to roof replacements. Replacing a roof begins to become problematic when temperatures drop below 40°F. This can cause it to take several days for the shingles to set instead of the much quicker time it would take during the rest of the year. However, it is still possible to have your roof replacement in the winter as long as your contractor is experienced in these conditions and it fits within everyone’s schedule. For more information about roof replacements and how one can be scheduled for your home, contact the professionals at Keeney Home Services today.

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