Maximize Your Savings With Home Energy Rebates in Northeast Wisconsin

home energy rebates

The Department of Energy allocates government funds to the United States as incentives for households to reduce pollution, improve energy efficiency, and save money on utility bills. State governments award these incentives, called home energy rebates, to households who participate in the state’s Home Energy Rebate Program. Keeney Home Services outlines how you can access these rebates by improving your Northeast Wisconsin household. 

Available Rebate Programs in Wisconsin

Wisconsin residents can take advantage of several programs:

  • Wisconsin’s Energy Saving Rebate Program: The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) helps to fund Wisconsin energy rebates. These fall into one of two categories: whole-home improvements that improve energy efficiency and smaller improvements that could create a more energy-efficient home.
  • Utility company rebate programs: Utility programs may offer a home energy credit for those looking to reduce their energy usage. For example, a company may offer money back to anyone who installs a smart thermostat.
  • Government-sponsored energy efficiency initiatives: The federal government also has several energy savings rebate programs. The Residential Clean Energy Credit, in particular, offers a 30% credit for anyone installing a clean energy product.

Eligibility and Requirements

Qualifying for a Residential Clean Energy Credit means meeting the state and federal government’s standards. Find a few eligibility guidelines listed below. A participating service provider like Keeney Home Services can guide you. 

  • Income: You can qualify for home energy rebates no matter your income. However, the rebate you receive may depend on your income. 
  • Homeownership and property usage: Wisconsin’s home rebate program only applies to residential properties. You must also spend most of your time living at the property.
  • Types of services or products: Your participating service provider can help you identify the products and services that qualify for energy efficiency rebates and work well for your home. Some common services include HVAC upgrades, renewable energy installation, and new appliances.  
  • Documentation: You may need to fill out an application and provide certain documentation (like utility bills) to apply.

Benefits of Home Energy Rebates

You likely already gathered that participating in rebate programs earns you extra money during the following tax season. However, the benefits touch on other aspects of your lifestyle and household:

  • You will pay less upfront for each product or service. For example, you might desperately need an HVAC upgrade but otherwise can’t afford it. Energy rebates will help you pay for the labor costs and other expenses. 
  • You’ll increase your property value and enjoy better comfort. No more struggling to maintain the perfect indoor temperature! 
  • You do your part to protect the environment.
  • You’ll lower your monthly utility bills with more efficient appliances and building materials. 

How to Maximize Your Savings

Get more from Wisconsin’s rebate programs by:

  • Adding insulation replacement or installation, heat pump installation, or other upgrades to your to-do list. Identify what upgrades are the most feasible (and what would offer the best rebates), then plan on making those changes.
  • Bundling multiple upgrades. Doing more than one upgrade at once can help you maximize your rebate.
  • Leveraging assistance programs. Many programs will help you make getting these upgrades easier; do your research and take advantage of them.

How Keeney Home Services Can Help

Your energy-efficient household begins with a home energy audit from Keeney Home Services. We identify your property’s pain points — areas that hold you back from modern efficiency. Then, our team guides you toward applicable rebate opportunities, such as roof installation or insulation upgrades. We’ll even help with the application process!

Take Advantage of Energy Savings Today

Request a quote or give us a call to start your journey toward home energy rebates in Northeast Wisconsin with Keeney Home Services. We’ll help you unlock savings through higher efficiency, rebates, and other opportunities.

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