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Dec 01, 2023

Understanding the Difference: Cellulose vs. Fiberglass Insulation

When it comes to insulating your home, the choice of insulation material can make a significant impact on energy efficiency and comfort. At Keeney Home Services, we specialize in cellulose insulation, and we’re here to help you understand why it stands out compared to alternatives like fiberglass.

Cellulose Insulation: Unmatched Insulating Value

1. Higher R-Value: The R-value is a crucial factor in determining insulation effectiveness. Cellulose insulation boasts a higher R-value per inch compared to fiberglass, meaning it provides better thermal resistance. This results in a more efficient barrier against heat transfer, keeping your home comfortable in all seasons.

2. Eco-Friendly Composition: Cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper products, making it an environmentally friendly choice. By opting for cellulose, you not only invest in superior insulation but also contribute to sustainable practices and a greener planet.

The Keeney Advantage

1. Energy Efficiency in Every Fiber
Our commitment to excellence begins with the choice of insulation material. Keeney Home Services specializes in the installation of cellulose insulation, a high-performance material known for its outstanding thermal resistance. Cellulose insulation provides an effective barrier against heat transfer, helping you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round.
2. Sustainable Solutions
We prioritize sustainability in our insulation services. Cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper products, making it an environmentally friendly choice. By opting for our services, you not only invest in the comfort of your home but also contribute to the reduction of waste and the promotion of eco-friendly practices.
3. Expert Installation, Tailored to Your Needs
Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering insulation solutions that match the unique requirements of your home. Whether it’s an attic, walls, or any other space, we customize our cellulose insulation installations to ensure maximum effectiveness and longevity.

Here is the recommended Home Insulation R–Values via energystar.gov

Serving Wisconsin Cities

We are proud to serve several cities in Wisconsin, including:

  • Green Bay, WI: Your gateway to energy-efficient living starts here in Green Bay. Let Keeney Home Services be your partner in creating a comfortable and well-insulated home. 
  • Appleton, WI: Residents of Appleton can rely on Keeney for expert cellulose insulation installations. Improve your home’s energy efficiency and enjoy a cozy atmosphere. 
  • Oshkosh, WI: Oshkosh homeowners, experience the difference with our top-quality cellulose insulation. Say goodbye to energy waste and hello to a more sustainable and comfortable home. 
  • Milwaukee, WI: The largest city in Wisconsin deserves the best in insulation services. Keeney Home Services brings expertise and reliability to Milwaukee, ensuring your home stays warm in winter and cool in summer.

Why Choose Keeney Home Services?

  • Proven Track Record: With years of experience, Keeney Home Services has a track record of delivering exceptional insulation services.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our satisfied customers testify to the effectiveness of our cellulose insulation installations.
  • Licensed and Insured: Trust your home to professionals. We are licensed and insured, providing you peace of mind throughout the insulation process. 

Ready to transform your home into an energy-efficient haven? Contact Keeney Home Services today for a consultation. Let us show you how our cellulose insulation services can make a difference in your comfort and energy savings.


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