Relaxing Four Season Porch Design

Mar 06, 2024

Relaxing Four Season Porch Design

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 by Peter Myzithras

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When building new or fixing up a home, you first think about essentials. What are the best necessities that will keep my dream home well-maintained for years to come? After the essentials, you’ll think about luxury items. What will make my house the most aesthetically pleasing, comfortable reprieve from the world for my family? At GutterShutter, we’ve got you covered on both ends of the home building or fixing up process. Check out our top-of-the-line home essentials: our maintenance-free gutters. And kick back and relax as you peruse our ideas for designing a luxury four-season porch that will be the most inviting and comfortable space in your home.

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1. French Doors

A four season porch is the perfect extension of your home because it blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living space. Although four season rooms are technically indoor living, they should be treated more like outdoor spaces. One thing you should consider if you are adding on to your home is to mark the entry to your four season porch with a French style patio door. It’s a beautiful design option for this kind of room if you home has the space for the doors to swing open. Also, even though four season porches are insulated and heated, they also tend to have lots of windows. On really cold winter days, you might not feel like sitting out there. No problem; close the heating vents, close your French doors, and cozy up in your indo


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2. Cedar Ceiling and Fireplace Combination

A beautiful idea for your four season porch is to install cedar ceilings and a gas fireplace. The obvious reason why this design combination is great option are those rustic, cabin-y vibes you get from this aesthetic. Another bonus of this design idea is the fireplace–that’s kind of a winner on its own. Wisconsin gets cold in the winter! Why not embrace the longest season of the year with a cozy, warm room where you can enjoy the beauty of the winter in comfort. Additionally, you’ll probably feel just as relaxed in this room as you would at your cabin, but you don’t have to pack a million things to get there. This is a win-win for you.

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3. Skylight

Skylights are pretty a pretty amazing home accent in any room. They have a particular wow-factor in a four season porch. The main component to any four season porch is, without a doubt, the windows. Why not keep on that theme, but extend it to the ceiling? Skylights will do a lot for a room. They add a ton of natural light and intrigue. Most homes do not have skylights, this is definitely an added luxury that will set your four season porch apart from others. Just imagine, you’ll have the most relaxing, comfortable, bug-free place to look at the stars.

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4. Accordion Doors

We already addressed some design options that cater to Wisconsin winters. But what about our gorgeous summers and falls? Installing accordion patio doors is an amazing way to embrace the warmer months by basically having a removable wall. Get the most of that summer breeze by opening an entire side of your four season porch. It’s too chilly? No problem, just unfold them and enjoy floor to ceiling windows.

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5. Built-Ins

The only way to make a luxurious four season porch better? Have it double with functional, pretty storage options. Create some builts-ins for books, or other storage items, and have it double as a bench. Built-ins are a hot commodity amongst homebuyers. If you are planning on selling your home someday down the line, your four-season porch with some beautiful built-ins will promise a bidding war.


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