This is the Best Gutter System for Metal Roofs

May 13, 2021

This is the Best Gutter System for Metal Roofs - Image 1

Having a solid gutter system in place is essential for protecting any home – but choosing the right gutters is key if you have a metal roof. One of the primary functions of gutters is to help divert rain and snow away from your home. Choosing the right gutters will help protect your investment from more expensive problems later on, such as water damage, foundation issues, and more. 

Metal roofs are unique. Unlike asphalt shingles, their sleek and smooth surface makes it easier and faster for rain and snow to slide off. This is one of the reasons that the right gutter system is so critical. The metal roofing industry has come up with snow guards, bars, and cleats to help hold the snow and ice, but they still don’t keep that rain and snow from sliding off the roof. With typical open-style gutters, snow and ice will find their way into the gutters and begin to pile up over time. The bad news is that the weight from the snow and ice will eventually rip the gutters right off the house, creating yet another problem.

This is the Best Gutter System for Metal Roofs - Image 2

 The GutterShutter design is unique, as it acts as an extension of the roof- making them the best gutters for metal roofs. The seamless design helps snow and ice to slide right over the one-piece seamless gutter system. This is what makes GutterShutter a perfect option for homeowners with metal roofs. GutterShutter is also the only gutter system that comes with a snow and ice lifetime warranty, that is also transferrable.

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