Where Should You Place Insulation to Adequately Insulate Your House

Nov 02, 2021

Where Should You Place Insulation to Adequately Insulate Your House

Where Should You Place Insulation to Adequately Insulate Your HouseWisconsin homes can be drafty, but they don’t have to be when you have insulation properly installed. Inexperienced homeowners may be unaware where the best places for insulation to be installed actually are to experience the most significant energy savings.

Attic Insulation

One of the most important places in your home to have insulation installed is in your attic. Whether the attic is finished or unfinished, having a certain thickness of insulation in your attic will keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wisconsin homeowners will mostly be concerned with winter weather and the attic is the most common place that heat could escape and bring an unwanted chill to your home.

Rim Joist Insulation

If you’ve noticed cold floors in the winter, rim joist insulation may be the solution that you’re looking for. Rim joists are located beneath the floors of your home and are an area that’s often not well insulated and prone to air leaks. This results in cold floors and poor air quality throughout the entire home. Basement rim joist insulation can effectively solve these problems and help improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

Air Sealing Services

In addition to adding insulation to your home, one of the most effective ways to help reduce unwanted energy waste is to utilize air sealing services. A reliable contractor will inspect your home and help determine the best ways to save energy by sealing air leaks that exist in your ducts, around windows and doors, in walls and attic floors, and anywhere else in your home.

As you can see, having insulation added to your home or sealing common weak points is one of the best ways to enhance the energy efficiency of your Wisconsin home. If you’re ready to find out more, contact Keeney Home Services today.

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