Winter Comfort in the Fox Valley Area

Mar 31, 2021

Winter Comfort in the Fox Valley Area

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 by Ronald Evans

Winter in Wisconsin can quickly go from one extreme to another. A nice comfortable 45 degree day can quickly turn to exceptionally harsh single digits or even negative temperatures overnight.  It costs a lot of money to heat a house and many homeowners are constantly looking for ways to not only save money, but more importantly, make the home more comfortable.

Insulating without air sealing is malpractice

In many ways, a comfortable home is much more of a concern than a home that is expensive to heat and cool. Most homeowners have experienced drafty or dusty rooms, cold floors, rooms that are always warm or cold, or condensation and mold. Many times these types of problems and many more similar to them, can be traced back to air leakage. Most home owners equate solving air leakage with the need for more insulation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Insulating without air sealing is really a waste of resources and won’t address the true problems within the home.

Air sealing is a term that most homeowners probably aren’t familiar with. On the surface the technique is pretty simple: seal holes and gaps where air leaks into and out of the home.  Many times these leaks or gaps are present in areas that are out of sight and unfortunately out of mind. The attic is the worst culprit of them all.

Air leaks can add up to more than meets the eye

Attics are the number one culprit in terms of air leakage and the need for air sealing. The gaps and leaks can be small. Air sealing followed by upgrading attic insulation is a priority when it comes to saving energy in your home.

 Pipe Through Top Plate in Attic     Wire Through Top Plate

Wires, pipes, and chimneys  coming through from the living space or basement may seem like small news, but when added together can often equal the size of a window. No homeowner on the planet would leave a window open all winter with the heat on, or for that matter, when the air conditioner is on all summer. Air sealing can solve these air leakage problems and make the home much more comfortable and energy efficient.

Fix air leaks before winter sets in 

Dr. Energy Saver by GutterShutter NE WI specializes in diagnosing and correcting air leakage problems, as well as many others dealing with home comfort and energy efficiency. Contact Dr. Energy Saver by GutterShutter today and we’ll send one of our trained energy professionals to visit your home and provide a thorough home energy evaluation.

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