Common Places in the Attic that Should be Sealed

Nov 02, 2021

Common Places in the Attic that Should be Sealed

Common Places in the Attic that Should be SealedMany homeowners know that the majority of their energy bills come from heating and cooling their homes. In fact, the US Department of Energy has stated that 47% of bills come from these efforts. Not surprisingly, the attic is one of the biggest culprits for air leakage and energy loss in your home.

Once your attic is properly sealed, you’ll be able to feel safe knowing that you’ve completed a “once-and-done” lifetime repair. There will be nothing to maintain or replace once the process is complete. However, finding and sealing air leaks is much easier said than done. Locating air leaks requires special equipment, training, and access to parts of the house that homeowners typically wouldn’t be able to reach. That’s why it’s important to entrust a reliable contractor with the insulation or air sealing tasks at your home.

Some of the most common places in an attic that needs to be properly sealed to allow you to enhance the energy efficiency of your home includes:

  • Around pipes and wires
  • Around chimney passes
  • Duct chases
  • Whole house fans
  • Bath fans
  • And more

Insulation Can Provide Additional Energy Efficiency in Your Attic

In addition, if your attic doesn’t have the proper level of insulation for the local climate conditions, you are essentially throwing away money trying to keep your home at a stable temperature. In fact, if the insulation in your attic is less than 11 inches of fiberglass or 8 inches of cellulose, adding more will make significant improvements on keeping the cold air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter.

For more information about how attic insulation will help you increase the energy efficiency of your home, contact Keeney Home Services today.

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