Portable Fire Pits for Your Yard

Portable Fire Pits for Your Yard Thursday, June 16th, 2016 What are the advantages of the portable fire pit? Convenience – The biggest and most obvious advantage to owning a portable fire pit is its, um, portability. It moves. For those who aren’t quite sure where …

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Tips for Improving Indoor Comfort at Your Home

Tips for Improving Indoor Comfort at Your Home If you’re looking for ways to improve the indoor comfort at your home throughout the area, you’re likely considering products designed to enhance the energy efficiency of your residence. Thankfully, upgrading attic insulation is a very popular …

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What Are the Benefits of Rain Barrels?

What Are the Benefits of Rain Barrels? The purpose of rain barrels is to reduce excess stormwater by collecting roof run-off and storing it for future use. Rain barrels are effective devices for watering your garden or lawn to washing windows and cars. Rain barrels …

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Why do Houses Have Gutters?

Why do Houses Have Gutters? Houses have gutters to keep them protected from potential costly and dangerous problems down the road. Gutters have an important job. When clean and functioning properly, the purpose of gutters is to redirect rain and storm water off the roof …

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Leaf Protection For Gutters

Leaf Protection For Gutters We all know why it’s important to keep our gutters clear of leaves, helicopters, pine needles, and other dirt and debris. Without clean gutters, one of our most important investments – our home – is subject to bigger and more expensive …

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How to Clean Your Gutters Without a Ladder

How to Clean Your Gutters Without a Ladder Since your gutters are tasked with one of the most important roles in protecting your home, it’s essential to keep them clear of things such as leaves, helicopters, dirt, debris, etc. In order to never get on …

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What are Seamless Gutters?

What are Seamless Gutters? When it comes to choosing a gutter system for your home, there are various options on the market. One option you’ve probably heard of is seamless gutters. If you’re interested in learning more about whether seamless or regular gutters are better …

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Why Is Ice Building Up in My Gutters?

Why Is Ice Building Up in My Gutters? Every winter, it’s inevitable that temperatures will dip below freezing at some point – wreaking havoc on your home if you’re unprepared. This likely means that your HVAC system is going to have to work overtime to …

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What Gutter Guard is Best?

Gutter guards are an essential investment to protect your home against harsh weather and water-related damages. Without a solid gutter protection system, your open gutters can collect leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris, which can: Create leaks around windows and doors Cause wood rotting around …

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