What Color of Roof Shingles Is Best for My Home?

Mar 02, 2022

What Color of Roof Shingles Is Best for My Home?

What Color of Roof Shingles is Best for My Home? | Many homeowners don’t understand that their roof affects their home’s curb appeal more than you may realize. This means that picking the right shingle color to match your house color is extremely important. Your roof shingles should cohesively blend with your home’s existing exterior, as well as any natural landscape that may surround it. For instance, selecting light brown shingles may look out of place surrounded by the lush pine trees that are common in Northern Wisconsin. When determining the perfect shingles for your roof, you should consider your home’s architectural style, siding color, and natural surroundings.

If you have shutters or prominent windows, taking note of their color will help you select the best roof for your home. You don’t want to be left with a mismatched house that has uncoordinated siding, shutters, and roof shingles. Ensuring that your siding color matches your roof shingle color is important to set the overall aesthetic of your home correctly. Furthermore, if your house is next to a lot of trees or located near a lake, the natural colors of your exterior will play an important role in deciding what shingles are the right choice for your home. However, within a busy suburb or cityscape, you may want brighter colors to help your home stand out next to your neighbors’ home to look unique.

Every siding color has a few shingle color combinations that will work well at your residence. That is why it’s important to do the research or contact roofing experts who will help you create the perfect aesthetic at your home.

Keeney Home Services Repairs, Replaces, and Installs Shingle Roofs

There are many different types of roof shingles, including asphalt three-tab shingles, architectural shingles, and more. Every roofing material has unique properties with different advantages and disadvantages depending on what you want for your home. When considering your options, know that Keeney Home Services can assist you with any questions you may have when replacing your roof. We have been in the roofing industry for many years and can accurately explain the different benefits of each material to you.

Asphalt shingles are affordable, durable, and can be used to achieve many different looks. That is why we offer asphalt shingles in two different styles: three-tab and architectural. Each of these shingles offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Three-tab is a more affordable siding option that is offered in a variety of colors and is easier to install
  • Architectural shingles will provide your home with more dimension and is more durable while also offering different design options that aren’t found with our traditional asphalt siding

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